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3 Hidden Costs of Free Wi-Fi

When it comes to getting connected, mobile users are flocking to Wi-Fi. Surveys confirm this point, showing that Wi-Fi is indeed the preferred connectivity bearer. To boot, Wi-Fi will soon carry more than 60 percent of all global mobile data. And that percentage is even larger if you isolate smartphone and tablet data.

Travel to the USA with a portable wifi hotspot

Can you imagine a Bill more than a thousand euros for the use of your phone in the United States? Mike tells the story of his friend in an internet forum. He forgot to turn off data roaming when he went to the USA and connections were established automatically (email, notifications, app update…); Then, he received an invoice of € 1,500.

Be connected everywhere without roaming

Our digital world pushes us to be connected everywhere. To stay connected with your friends and family or to write important commercial e-mails. While using our phone, Tablet laptop – even when we travel abroad – we wish to have an internet connection broadband.

Portable wifi router technology

The M7300 is the latest LTE-Advanced Mobile Wi-Fi device from TP-LINK.
Just insert a SIM card to create a 4G mobile hotspot and start sharing fast wireless connections with up to ten wireless devices.