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10 things to take with you on your next vacation

10 things to take with you on your next vacation

Imagine yourself in a surf holiday without their swimwear and wetsuit. Or, without his best (short) shoes to go on a trip to the city. But what are the 10 things you should not forget to pack for your next holiday?

Important documents (travel)

Most importantly, you must bring your Passport (duh!). But remember: don’t be that guy who brings his passport, is ready for check-in at the airport, and then it turns out your Passport is valid for a minimum of half a year from the date of entry. You cannot enter the US, or Indonesia. Bye bye holidays. In addition, for several countries need a visa. China is a beautiful country, but access is denied without a visa. Your credit card and health insurance card should not be devalued too much. And of course, bring your driver’s license when planning to make a road trip. One last point: tests (using the app TinyScan) of your passport and important cards and send them to yourself.


Don’t forget to bring MIOWIFI, a portable device to stay connected everywhere. No matter what type of vacation you planned; You may need it! If you plan to go on a sailing, mountaineering trip or vacation on the beach.

Navigation apps

To be honest: you want to miss during your holiday? No right? Since you’re bringing your MIOWIFI with you, you’ve got access to Google Maps or other navigation apps everywhere. Now it’s not so hard to go from A to B.

Guide to apps

What other apps guide you through your holiday? To maintain some control over his place to sleep using services like TripAdvisor and recently to look through comments on apartments, hostels and Hotels, that can help you through. These apps even contains wonderful offerings! When your place is decided the Gogobot app can let you find nearby events and restaurants.

Translation apps

Planning to go to South America, but the Spanish did not bring you more than “hola”, do not hesitate to give his soul to machine translation. Even if the automatic translation is very difficult, the translation apps are getting better! Everyone can know the wonderful apps Google Translate or iTranslate. But, what about the iTranslate? There is no need to annotate the endless conversations, but only have a conversation from person to person in their own language since this app acts as his interpreter real.

Currency conversion apps

You can forget to bring your hat that day terribly hot. Don’t let it spoil your vacation and go to a shop to buy a hat. This hat will be worth the money? How much should you negotiate? A conversion of currency, XE currency app will facilitate these malls. Or simply use it to keep track of how much you are spending.


I don’t feel like going out? Want to feel “at home” in your hotel or stay warm in your tent? Netflix gives you that warm feeling: Watch the series every night or just a awesome movie.

Other technical devices

To use MIOWIFI, bring your phone, laptop, or tablet. And of course, don’t forget your boots. In case you will stay out of power for a while, bring your external phone charger. If you want to do a lot of photo of (a), additional memory cards or external hard disk 1 1 are a must. A Go Pro or a drone to do adventurous movies are perfect travel companions, too, that you can connect to the phone. I love reading books and travel light? Bring your reader.

First aid kit

Just to be clear, an app doesn’t provide you a medicine. So, bring on board your pills needed, medicines, disinfectant and band-AIDS. Also include the sunscreen and mosquito repellent. The latter, especially in South America. A mosquito net is not a bad idea.

Last but not least.

Before you go, check the weather depending on your location. Without your umbrella or your rainjacket your vacation can be a disaster. So, take it in that direction. And for now, let’s keep our fingers crossed …

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