Be connected everywhere without roaming

Be connected everywhere without roaming

Our digital world pushes us to be connected everywhere. To stay connected with your friends and family or to write important commercial e-mails. While using our phone, Tablet laptop – even when we travel abroad – we wish to have an internet connection broadband.

Good news; MIOWIFI offers this solution using a 4 G/LTE connection. Being on holiday or business trip, the MIOWIFI can become your new best friend. You want to know why? We lined up 10 reasons:

  1. Be connected everywhere!
    MIOWIFI is a portable device that can be used anywhere in the world; wherever you are! The ideal choice for you to be connected everywhere.
  2. Internet high speed
    MIOWIFI offers Internet high speed, using a 4G connection. 4 G/LTE broadband receives the information to our device handle and transfer via WiFi to your tablet, by phone or laptop.
  3. Data unlimited
    Our plans give you access to unlimited internet data in more than 110 countries. Discover which countries are included! Click here.
  4. 10 devices connected at the same time
    Sharing network provide Internet access for up to 10 devices at the same time
  5. High speed internet
    Download: 150Mbps / Upload: 50Mbps and WIFI up to 300Mbps.
  6. Use our application
    Download our application Android or iOs to control your internet connection.
  7. No commitment
    Cancel at any time.
  8. More no roaming charges
    Don’t be surprised by unexpected costs.
  9. No additional line rental fees
    Yes! No surprises for no line rentals also.
  10. Save on GPS rental
    Use Waze with your connected mobile phone and save on your additional rental car expenses.
MIOWIFI Connecting Everywhere
  • Allan sturrock
    Posted at 7:21 am, August 18, 2016

    Will this work on a cruise ship with no additional charges?

    • leonardo
      Posted at 11:38 am, August 31, 2016

      Hi Allan,
      Our apologies for the late response.
      While MIOWIFI offers excellent coverage while on land, maritime coverage will depend on the distance out at sea and the cruise location – the closer to land, the more likely there will be coverage. The best course of action would be to ask the cruise operator if there is mobile data coverage (3G) on the cruise. In any case, there will surely be coverage while docked.
      MIOWIFI works with mobile local operators. It’s not satelital.

  • Posted at 10:20 am, August 25, 2016

    If the website doesn’t do what it says, can we trust the product? “Discover which countries are included! Click here.” Doesn’t provide additional information – it takes you back to the previous page.

    • leonardo
      Posted at 11:41 am, August 31, 2016

      Thanks Robert!
      We have already fixed this mistake.
      You could reach to our coverage entering this link
      Please let us know any additional doubt!

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