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7 Tips to connect safely this summer

7 Tips to connect safely this summer

Seven simple tips to keep your connection safe this summer


  • Never open unwanted emails, they are not really from your CEO, nor emails from unknown senders. You should always look more closely at the “from” field in your emails.
  • If you open an unsecured email, definitely do not click. Do not download attachments from suspicious emails and do not click on embedded links.
  • Keep your corporate anti-virus service up to date by running constant updates.
  • Keep up to date with updates to the OS application and the cloud. These updates often include the latest security updates.
  • Adjust your browser’s security and privacy settings to better protect yourself.
  • Avoid free and unsecured public Wi-Fi.
  • Use a secure connection like MIOWIFI around the world.
Leonardo Stallocca
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