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Affiliate Terms and Conditions

On the one hand, “ASCENDLONDON LTD” (branded as MIOWIFI) with Company Registration Number: 8832994, located in London (UK) Unit A, 286 Durnsford Road SW19 8DT London, UK.
On the part the Affiliate who voluntarily enrols for MIOWIFI Affiliate Program through its web and acknowledges that data recorded thereby on the website are accurate.
Both parties with capacity they assume to have and recognize reciprocally, as well as the representation they say they hold and its validity for the execution of this COMMERCIAL CONTRACT OF PROFESSIONAL COLLABORATION.


I- That “MIOWIFI”, a commercial company and owner of the website www.MIOWIFI.com provides its services by the rental of MIFI device offered through the mentioned website.

II- That Affiliate is interested in promoting trading operations and the search of customers on behalf of “MIOWIFI”.

III- That it is a commercial relationship excluding any labour regulation, as both parties are not tied by any employment relationship. Contributor as point of sale declares to be current in tax obligations and of any other liability as a company and that may count before Tax Administration, Public Finance, and other Public Administration that regulates these duties.

Have previously agreed, the parties involved agreed to grant this COMMERCIAL CONTRACT OF PROFESSIONAL COLLABORATION, under the following conditions.


1.             Program Application 

Signing up for MIOWIFI Affiliate Program is free. General criteria have been drawn up for accepting the application:
– Have the status of legal or natural person legally constituted.
– Owning or having the rights on the webs which will be carried out publicity for the affiliate program, subject of the contract.
– The interested party, by submitting registration through application form provided by MIOWIFI on its website, accept the terms specified in this contract, assuming any responsibility of any breach thereof.

2.             Acceptance of the application

MIOWIFI reserves the right to deny the interested party access to its Affiliate Program if requirements are not fulfilled or if the interested website has inappropriate content.

3.             Service Management

MIOWIFI will put at affiliate´s disposal a range of materials, through its website: search engines, banners, discount coupons, and other type of linkage determined by MIOWIFI.COM and will be Subject to these Terms and Conditions.

MIOWIFI.COM will not be held liable for improper use of materials already outlined above, that by the incorrect installation made by affiliate may occur the loss of commissions.


4.1           Commissions

Our affiliate program will remunerate you with a commission of 15% on each rental. Commissions are only earned if customers make the payment and the service is used. If customers cancel their bookings or do not pick device up at the site indicated on the moment of booking, both booking and commission are cancelled.

4.2           Settlement and method of payment

Commission will be paid on the first 15 days of next month from the end of booking as long as commissions total amount earned is at 50€ or more. Otherwise, commission will not be erased; it will instead be accumulated for the next month.


The contract concerned shall take effect since applicant receive MIOWIFI´s confirmation, and indefinitely. Affiliation Contract can be terminated by any of the parties without reasonable cause, with the sole condition of giving an at least 5 days’ notice.


MIOWIFI reserves the right to revoke the affiliate condition to any of its members. This revoke can have unilateral character without any possibility to complain and will be automatically effective.


Once the contract has been terminated for any reason, affiliate will be completely dissociated to MIOWIFI, being expressly prohibit the use of logo and banners or make any reference of the brand, logos, anagrams or any other elements of industrial or intellectual property belonging to MIOWIFI.


– MIOWIFI does not guarantee the continuity of its affiliate program, therefore it can be ended and liquidate the outstanding payments.
– Each party is responsible for the contents and linkage included in your website.

9.             Territorial jurisdiction.

Express legal jurisdiction: the parties submit themselves to the courts of London (UK) for the interpretation and/or performance the present contract may generates.