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Portable Wifi Router Rental.

Portable Wifi Router Rental.

MIOWIFI: Portable Wifi Router Rental.

MIOWIFI is a Portable Wifi Router that is offered in a daily rental mode. It offers coverage in more than 150 countries with a 4G Internet connection speed with unlimited data.

Up to 5 devices can be connected simultaneously for each Wifi Router, so that when you travel you have all your devices connected or you can share it with your fellow travelers and not pay Roaming.

MIOWIFI is the smartest way to stay connected.


Why rent a portable wifi router for your trips?

  • Easy: Book your portable router rental a few days before your trip, you will receive it at home before you leave, so you can have a connection when you arrive at your destination.
  • Secure: MIOWIFI offers you an encrypted and secure connection, so you don’t have to connect to open networks, nor run any risk to your data.
  • Economic: The wifi router rental allows you to travel with a flat rate per day, without paying Roaming.
  • 5 devices: So you can share your wifi connection with your fellow travellers and have all your devices connected.
  • Global coverage: MIOWIFI has coverage in more than 150 countries.


What are the rental options for the Portable Router?

MIOWIFI offers two rental modalities for the Portable Wifi Router:

  • Home office: Rent of the portable wifi router with local connection.
  • Portable Router for travel: Rent the portable wifi router for your trips and avoid Roaming costs. MIOWIFI offers coverage in more than 150 countries.

Rental rates are per day, with unlimited 4G data.


How to rent a Portable Wifi Router for your next trip?

Make your rental reservation in advance at www.miowifi.com and you will receive the Portable Router Wifi at your home a few days before your trip.

Connect your devices through the Wifi connection, just like you connect to your home wifi.

Enjoy a connection experience in your destination country.

When you return, you can return your portable wifi router to available distribution centers or request a pickup via courier.


What technology does the MIOWIFI Portable Wifi Router use?

The Portable Wifi Router emulates a local sim in each country so you can connect at real 4G speed in the destination country.


Book a Portable Router for your next trip.

With MIOWIFI Portable Router rental you will have global connection in more than 150 countries. An easy and comfortable way to stay connected, without paying Roaming.


For your next trip, rent a portable wifi router and travel always connected.

Santiago Mariuzzo
  • Manish Kumar
    Posted at 8:51 am, August 29, 2022

    i want approx 10 Wifi Routers for our company Event at Two Locations, Please share the your quote for one day

  • jack jiang
    Posted at 10:47 pm, September 15, 2022

    Yes, this device will save you a lot of roaming costs, and it will be an essential equipment for your travel.

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