Portable Wifi Router Rental.

MIOWIFI: Portable Wifi Router Rental. MIOWIFI is a Portable Wifi Router that is offered in a daily rental mode. It offers coverage in more than 150 countries with a 4G Internet connection speed with unlimited data. Up to 5 devices can be connected simultaneously for each Wifi Router, so that when you travel you have […]

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How safe is the Hotel’s free WIFI?

We may be in the middle of a summer vacation, but cybercriminals have proven that they don’t usually take a break…     Instead, we are seeing the opposite. According to most metrics, cybercrime is on the rise. For example, Verizon published a study documenting a large increase in cybercrime involving “ransomware,” attacks in which […]

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3 Hidden Costs of Free Wi-Fi

When it comes to getting connected, mobile users are flocking to Wi-Fi. Surveys confirm this point, showing that Wi-Fi is indeed the preferred connectivity bearer. To boot, Wi-Fi will soon carry more than 60 percent of all global mobile data. And that percentage is even larger if you isolate smartphone and tablet data. However, Wi-Fi’s […]

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