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Avoiding roaming costs is a full-time job

Avoiding roaming costs is a full-time job

By now, it was late in the morning at the data center, and the team seemed to be finally arriving. “Late as usual,” the analyst thought. By now, he had formed a very negative opinion of the team here, with which he had been immersed for almost a week.


How had he managed to start his bright and early day at 8 a.m., even though he had been at the engagement meeting that very night and was of course still struggling with the crushing jet lag? She crawled out of bed and left her hotel, where the concierge had ordered a car service.


He would have liked to be more self-sufficient while he was abroad, but he didn’t have Wi-Fi. And he was afraid to take his phone out of airport mode, for fear that he would incur an amazing roaming fee. In fact, his boss had expressly warned him about avoiding roaming charges, which could only mean leaving all his mobile devices in an offline mode. It turns out he never disabled roaming on his cell phone. As a result, he accumulated more than $750 in roaming charges in a couple of hours, until the company’s operator alerted the Mobility team, which alerted his boss, who almost had a heart attack.


Suffice it to say that the new analyst would remain in digital purgatory, avoiding roaming fees for the rest of his trip, approximately one more week. Yes, he received free wifi at his hotel, which was slow at best, unusable at worst. And to add insult to injury, he got the same foreign language gateway when he tried to access the Internet. Somehow, the system wasn’t smart enough to remember his credentials.


The data center was also connected, which is partly why it was rushed this morning. Although it was probably late at night in the United States, his inbox was probably overflowing. Somehow, her boss expected her to always be on, when the same boss had ordered her to severely limit her time online.


Don’t let the same thing happen to you. For your next trip take your MIOWIFI and you will pay less than the hotel WIFI or a couple of coffees at Starbucks to be connected wherever you are with the router in your pocket.

Leonardo Stallocca
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