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Be connected everywhere without roaming

Be connected everywhere without roaming

Our digital world pushes us to be connected everywhere. To stay connected with your friends and family or to write important commercial e-mails. While using our phone, Tablet laptop – even when we travel abroad – we wish to have an internet connection broadband.

Good news; MIOWIFI offers this solution using a 4 G/LTE connection. Being on holiday or business trip, the MIOWIFI can become your new best friend. You want to know why? We lined up 10 reasons:

  1. No configuration needed – It’s simple to use.
  2. Small and light – size of an iphone 5
  3. 100% secure, encrypted connection – Connection with password
  4. Super competitive price – Price similar to a local SIM.
  5. Connection shared – WiFi connection of up to 5 devices simultaneously.
  6. Same price for 150+ countries – you keep num Whatsapp or Voip calls
  7. Unlimited internet days – 500MB Max 4G LTE speed and then unlimited download to 3G
  8. 4G LTE speed – Up to 150Mbps down and 50Mbps upload speed.
  9. 12hours of Continuous Use – 5000mAh Battery
  10. SIMFree – Does not use roaming. Emulate local SIMs. Virtual SIM technology.
MIOWIFI Connecting Everywhere
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