Spain: Your Dream Tourist Destination

If you are planning your next trip to Spain, it is essential to take into...

Candela Masi
Nov 30, 2023
CONNECT WITH NATURE- Travel and connect with nature

It is our duty, as providers of such a useful tool that takes so much...

Candela Masi
Oct 17, 2023
Portable Wifi Router Rental.

MIOWIFI: Portable Wifi Router Rental. MIOWIFI is a Portable Wifi Router that is offered in...

Santiago Mariuzzo
Jun 23, 2020
Avoiding roaming costs is a full-time job

By now, it was late in the morning at the data center, and the team...

Leonardo Stallocca
Nov 08, 2017
Six tips on using your WI-FI while traveling

From the blog Viajes y más organized a list with everything you need when embarking...

Leonardo Stallocca
Jan 20, 2017
Simple guide to travel next to your cell phone

The newspaper El País, from Spain, reveals the tricks to avoid charges for ‘roaming’ and...

Leonardo Stallocca
Jan 17, 2017
Roaming: tips to save when travelling abroad

I’m sure you already have your vacation itinerary for this summer. Destination, transfers, accommodation, excursions,...

Delfina Lispio
Nov 22, 2016
Share all your moments everywhere anytime!

There’s nothing like sharing events or moments at the right time they happen. But what...

Laura Asim
Sep 30, 2016
Travel to the USA with a portable wifi hotspot

Can you imagine a Bill more than a thousand euros for the use of your...

Estrella Linares
Jul 04, 2016