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Share all your moments everywhere anytime!


Share all your moments everywhere anytime!

There’s nothing like sharing events or moments at the right time they happen. But what happens when we are traveling?

Turning on your cell phone roaming for social media apps cost us a fortune, and is very tedious to have to wait to get to the hotel or running to the nearest Starbucks to get Wifi.

MIOWIFI allows you to be connected the whole day and at a flat rate, much more cheaper than the roaming you are provided. Besides, the battery lasts up to 3 days! (More than your own device!).

Frequent travelers have featured three apps to share their trips: Instagram, Snapchat and VSCO. The first one has been for a while already between us and its well known for greatly beautify our photos with its filters. However, Instagram did not want to be left behind with the madness of instant and ephemeral need to share, that they launched a function very similar to what Snapchat offers, Instagram Stories.

This allows you to upload pictures or short videos instantly, but automatically removed after 24 hours. VSCO, very popular among the experts and photography. It allows you to upload high resolution photos and it offers a wide variety of filters and effects, more specific than the other apps.

The result? High quality photos shared within a smaller group of followers more interested in the art of the picture than on the moment itself.

Leonardo Stallocca
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