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Six tips on using your WI-FI while traveling

Six tips on using your WI-FI while traveling

From the blog Viajes y más organized a list with everything you need when embarking on a trip. International destinations, in the critical eye.



The seven tips below:



1- Find out about your operator’s International Roaming agreements



2- If you are going to make many local calls, it is recommended to rent a cell phone at the destination. It will be much cheaper (in addition, calls from hotels are extremely expensive).



3- Use communication alternatives via Internet.



4- Without an international data plan hired in advance, DO NOT download information through your cell phone: this is excessively expensive (such as e-mails, videos, etc.). Prices vary depending on your plan, and your operator, but in most cases, we recommend you check your emails on an Internet café as it will come out much cheaper.



5- If you want the data service is not available abroad most of the phones have an option that allows to disable that option and the phone is disabled as far as the service of networks of data. (Disable the “Data Roaming” option).



6- To connect to the Internet from the cell phone outside, using WI-FI (network available in hotels, restaurants, public places), it is important to deactivate the option “Data roaming” since in many cases, despite being connected Via WIFI can continue consuming data of our company (that is charged like international roaming).



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