Network sharing

Connects up to 5 wifi devices simultaneously.

Share your connection with friends, family and colleagues traveling with you.

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Virtual SIM Technology Router

MIOWIFI is a pocket-sized router that offers you unlimited 4G Internet worldwide. It allows you to be connected in any place at any time in the safest, fastest and smartest way.

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MIOWIFI operates with virtual SIM-Free technology that allows emulating local SIM instead of using the roaming network, which allows access to local rates and high-speed and stable connections as if you had a local SIM from each country.

Local Virtual SIM card dynamic allocation

At power-on, the MIOWIFI router detects automatically the country where you are located, registers a local SIM card physically located on the Cloud and gives mobile internet access at local cost.

Router Highlights

  • No configuration needed– It’s simple to use.
  • Small and light– size of an iphone 5
  • 100% secure, encrypted connection– Connection with password
  • Super competitive price– Price similar to a local SIM.
  • Connection shared– WiFi connection of up to 5 devices simultaneously.
  • 12 hours of Continuous Use– 5000mAh Battery
  • SIMFree– Does not use roaming. Emulate local SIMs. Virtual SIM technology.
  • USB charging– Charges with any wall, car, laptop or laptop USB charger.
  • 4G LTE speed– Up to 150Mbps down and 50Mbps upload speed.
  • Screen– with indication of country, signal level and battery and connected devices.
  • Same price for 150+ countries– you keep num Whatsapp or Voip calls
  • Unlimited internet days– 500MB Max 4G LTE speed and then unlimited download to 3G
Unlimited data and 4G speed.

Maximum navigation local speed without data limit.

Connects up to 5 wifi devices.

Save money by sharing wifi with your family or friends.

Very easy to use.

Your wifi network without configuration! Simple, how to connect to your home network.

Long battery life.

12 hours of continuous use guaranteed, thanks to its 5000mAh USB charging battery.

Connected in 150+ countries.

Travel with unlimited internet all over the world at the same rate per day.

SIM Free.

Bye roaming! High-speed connection as if you had a local SIM with unlimited data.

Other technology comparison

The best global wifi solution SIM Technology MIOWIFI Sim Free Technology
Global Coverage + 150 Countries
No Roaming Charges
No Sim Card Changes
Share Connection Up To 5 Devices
Safe & Secure
Real 4g Lte High Speed Connection
Unlimited Internet Data

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MIOWIFI Network providers

MIOWIFI bridges its service through the main cellular operators arround the world.
When you connect to MIOWIFI it is as if you have a local connection in each country you visit, without paying roaming costs.